While the concept of Hotelements was born years ago over a cocktail and a napkin, the path to following our passion has not been without its share of bumps and hiccups. Several false starts, a near-fatal accident and the impossible task of balancing life and business has tested our strength.  But true passion doesn’t die, it will just kick your butt along the way…making it all the more sweet when it comes to life!


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Hotel spaces, and how the overall experience makes me feel. It’s an immediate emotional connection.  All the senses are ignited and a feeling of inspiration and creativity take over…always.  I’ve been asking friends, clients, and acquaintances the same question for years… ‘Have you ever walked into a hotel lobby, restaurant or guest room and thought, how can I bring this experience home with me?’ The answer is either; OMG…Yes, I feel that way every time. Or; My husband and I always wonder how we can recreate this experience at home? Seriously, just like that.


Get a flavor of what we have been building and are so excited to share…

Do any design elements draw you in? Color? Lighting? Texture? Style? Have you stayed here before?

F0003-CHAPMAN-LOB-RETChapman House, Nantucket – Lobby

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Most of us are familiar with the Westin’s heavenly bed, right? Well, Hotelements goes ‘BEYOND THE BED’, capturing the essence of a hotel environment in a new online experience. Get inspired, find your style, shop and get design tips on how to bring the experience home.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 4.00.57 PM
Waldo Floor Lamp Silver


Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 4.00.38 PM
Tennyson Stool Turquoise
Laurent Chair Muslin
Laurent Chair Muslin










Thanks for ‘CHECKING IN’.  Stay tuned for tons of cool design ideas…

It’ time to change things up!

xo PO







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  1. I am so excited to see Hotelements come to life. Paula is truly an inspirational person with a creative vision that keeps me wanting to see more and more and more. I look forward to following the forward movement of this amazing site and concept. Where else can you go to bring an award winning hotel look to your own home? I am truly blessed to be part of such a game changing and creative journey known only as Hotelements!!!

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