Delano - Restaurant - Miami
Random Wall of Reflection at the Delano Hotel – Miami

It’s this time of year when I find myself in a constant state of reflection. You thought I was going to say panic, right?  No. Oddly enough, I don’t freak too much about the holidays anymore.  Perhaps, I’ve grown up. Did I really say that?  I realized a couple of years ago that things will just get done when they get done, if they get done.  The decorating, shopping, entertaining, blah blah blah…In fact I haven’t even sent out invites for a party I am having in less than two weeks. OK, now I’m freaking. Whatever!

So back to reflection. We all have a story right? Something that impacts our life in our own huge way.  The question is: What do we do with it?  Do we change? Do we incorporate this into our daily lives?  After a traumatic and near fatal accident a couple of years ago, I realized that I had a burning desire to make everyday more purposeful, personal.  I wanted to be and live in a more ‘mindful’ present state.  Life is busy and this is no doubt a difficult task…but I try hard each day to remember this thought and be grateful.

As I reflect on my year, I am overflowing with gratitude and looking forward to taking time to unwind, play and laugh with my family and friends over the holiday.   As a passionate design gal, I am always creating and following new inspirations but sometimes you need to just kick back and enjoy it.  It’s during these times that I’m reminded of how our homes should reflect who we are, what we love and where we’ve been…they really are an extension of our lives!  Life isn’t perfect and our homes shouldn’t be either…they should reflect the personalities of everyone living there!

xo PO

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