Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel

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I believe the way we travel and live are becoming increasingly connected.  Today’s consumer and hotel guest wants to know that people and places understand how they feel and what they want.  They want to be surrounded by a vibrant community of like-minded individuals everywhere they go.

Today’s younger travelers want a hotel setting that feels like home, one that fits their lifestyle.  This eclectic, but modern guest will also gravitate to hotels that are in sync with their design preferences.  Do you love contemporary, industrial or retro design?  My bet is that if you have the opportunity to select a hotel categorized by design and experience,  you are likely to make a selection that represents your personal, and even home decor style.  Think about it.  If you love coastal design, would you book a stay at a traditional historic property or a coastal beach oasis?  Exactly:-)

2014 and beyond are exciting times for boutique hotels….stay tuned.   xo PO


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