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Writing a quick post today that has absolutely nothing to do with hotels or design.  I wouldn’t even think of talking about how to host a ‘cool and modern’ super bowl party. Mainly because that would negate the very thing that makes these parties awesome…tacky themed sports parties…bring it on:-)

So when I came across this post at ‘quick and dirty tips’ from the Modern Manners guy, I cracked up.  I’m such a believer in self-deprecating humor and this is funny…I mean if we can’t laugh at ourselves, then how can we laugh at all, right?  Don’t be a bad guest:-)

Bad Guest #1 – The Pessimist

Bad Guest #2 – The Couch Coach 

Bad Guest #3 – The Madman

Bad Guest #4 – Mr./ Mrs. Rewind that please

Bad Guest #5 – The TV Blocker

Party on!

xo PO




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