So the verdict is still out on the color ‘mint’….Well, for me it is.  I keep seeing this color pop up in various places and I can’t help but remember something my Mom used to make….Benedictine Sandwiches (see below).  Does anyone even know what this is? Maybe it’s a mid-western, Kentucky Derby thing?   Anyway, it’s little bite-sized memories of this funky color that inspired me to write this post today.  Does this color work with interiors?

CB2 has a couple of cool vases and a side table that I can see mixed with white as long as it’s anchored by black. West Elm has organic shaped dinnerware in ‘mint’….I definitely don’t see eating off of this color, but it gets your attention. And that’s just it, it gets your attention. And you have to appreciate that about a color…whether you like it or not. But are you brave enough to weave it into the design at home? You decide….xo PO

Inspiration – Benedictine Sandwich
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