OC Fashion Week is off and running this week and I can’t stop thinking about how fashion inspires interior design and of course how interiors inspire fashion.  So what does this hot red dress have in common with the Keating Hotel in San Diego?  They are both edgy, sexy, sophisticated and….RED.  And when I saw this dress, I thought about how red is used in design…which ultimately reminded me of The Keating Hotel (crazy, but true).

For years, Pininfarina, the Italian design team responsible for the Maserati and Ferrari dreamed of entering the world of hospitality…their search ended when they discovered the historic Keating Building in San Diego, originally built in 1890.  A color scheme of black and white, light grey and Ferrari Red provide a backdrop to the resin-sealed cement flooring…kind of like you walked into a hot italian sports car.  Polished stainless and custom woods, from the lobby to the guest rooms, accentuate the sleek, clean lines of the italian design. You won’t find many walls…just zones; warm (bed) and wet (bath)….creating a loft-like feeling.

Make it a point to check out this sexy hotel next time you are in San Diego, you’ll appreciate a ‘nod’ to the past but really dig the ‘nudge’ into the future.  Enjoy the inspiration…xo PO

Fashion & Interior Design
Fashion & Interior Design

Keating photos - Keating Hotel Conference Room


Red Dress OC fashon week

Keating photos - Keating Hotel Imperiale Penthouse Suite





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