Have you ever walked into a space and thought, how can I bring this feeling home with me?  Well, that’s what happens to me every time I step into a hotel.  These creative spaces are feeding grounds for inspiration and ideas.  Boutique hotels are not just known for attracting savvy design geeks, but also for those seeking an experience.  And if you are drawn to these creative environments, you likely enjoy the anticipation as much as the experience itself.  Simply said, boutique hotels have you at the lobby.  You are captivated and almost held hostage by your senses firing at the same time.  Art, Design, Fashion, Music and even smell play out like a choreographed dance and suddenly you are immersed into the culture of what once was just a place to sleep. Well, those days are over.

The hotel culture is about lifestyle.  Lifestyle hotels tell a story and offer a unique experience to their guests. And hotel designers are brilliant at tapping into the emotional connection we feel when we allow ourselves to be a bit uninhibited during our stay.  I say let’s emulate some of this inspiration at home, after all, that’s where we live and spend most of our time.  Shouldn’t our homes reflect our lifestyle?  Ask yourself;  Do you frequent the same ‘type’ of hotel each time you travel?  Does your home decor and style resemble the hotels you are drawn to?

Let’s talk Industrial-Modern Style at The Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  After all, I’m a midwestern gal at heart and this hotel tells a big story.

Here are 5 ways to bring Industrial -Modern home…what better way to remind you of an awesome getaway. ~ xo Paula

Iron Horse Hotel-Milwaukee, WIFind Your Design Style: There are always elements in a space that initially catch your eye. Listen to this as it will tell you so much about the style you are drawn to.  Just like thumbing through magazines, there are always pages that get a double-look.  If you start to pay attention, this will help determine your design style.  Whether furniture, paint color, art and texture are just a few of many elements that influence how you feel about a space.  Write it down and start thinking about how you can emulate at home.

  • Toss Out The Rule Book: There are no rules.  Well, maybe just a few, but they are simple. First, Less is more and don’t treat your home like a museum.  Spaces should be a reflection of who we are as a people. And most people, do enjoy a variety of things in life. Allow your home to tell that story.  We stopped purchasing the matching 6 piece sets years ago, because, that’s boring.  Be eclectic. Nobody lives in the actual furniture showroom vignette.  Design is more fun when styles are mixed together.  If you love it, find a place for it. Just don’t find a place for everything you ever owned. If its special, make it work.
  • Furniture Layout:  I love how Nate Berkus said that placing furniture against the wall is like ‘furniture under arrest’.  Play with different layouts and angle your furniture to add interest.  If space permits, floating furniture in a room is a great way to open up a space, creating more room for other seating areas; benches, ottomans, pouf’s are all great small items that look great when scattered around. This creates a casual lived-in, inviting feeling.
  • Focus and Play with Texture. My favorite element! Texture is the ‘personality’ of a room. Imagine a room where every element was all cotton? Or all velvet?  Like shown above; mixing various textiles such as:  velvet, leather, metals, with bold saturated color and patterns will create an environment you want to sink into!  Layer these on top of each other.  Selecting one vivid color (like red above) adds a pop, but keeps the overall vibe rich and even a bit sophisticated.
  • Lose the Clutter-EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.  Life is busy and with increasing technology swarming in our minds; we don’t need an over abundance of accessories collecting dust. Keep things that are meaningful and place in groups to tell a story. We are drawn to spaces that are tranquil, clean and crisp which is why we love hotel spaces.  Hotel spaces use decor sparingly, but still feel welcoming and cozy.  Less is more.  Let furniture and art stand alone and be the focal point. Don’t be afraid to let a wall, be a wall. Remember, it’s not a gallery, it’s a home.  TIP: Take everything out of a room and then slowly start integrating things back in.  Notice how different you feel?

~ xo Paula





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