Let’s talk hotel-inspired signature cocktails!  Does anything make you more thirsty than the ambience of a hip and swanky hotel bar?  I mean sometimes you just need to belly up before you drop your bags off, right? I’m sharing a couple from one of my favorites; TOWER23 Hotel in San Diego.  I believe the bar and their signature cocktails, (like our kitchens at home) are the heart of a hotel.  They are destinations all their own.  And you don’t have to check-in to enjoy the experience. Hotel bars are communal spaces where locals meet for a night out, celebrations are held, friends reconnect and biz deals are signed.

But reality is, sometimes we can’t make it to our favorite spots, so we need to mix em up at home.  Think about your home as a boutique hotel…. Mine’s called The ‘O’ (after last name: OBLEN), and believe me this adds a fun twist when you’re having a party…Cheers~ xo Paula

PM - Chili Mango Marg


PM Bloody Mary

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