We all enjoy romance, red roses and chocolate but let’s get to the good stuff and add SEXY hotels for Valentine’s Day to the list.  You can’t talk sexy hotels, without mentioning design….That’s what makes them sexy!  I’ll tell you where and why with my top three pics below.  Take some notes on these hot and modern boutiques —-They are all sexy in their own unique way, just depends on what you’re in the mood for.  We are talking sexy people—-so it’s all good.  Personally, I’m in the mood for a weekend at a spa that’s equipped with a nap room—-but I’m sure by the weekend, I’ll be feeling it! ~ xo Paula


♥ Perfectly crisp white linens that remind you of a mens’ shirt awaiting that ‘messy bed’ look   A sexy accent chair that mimics body curves   ♥ A black floor and headboard feels dramatic and dreamy 

PicMonkey-Suite 2



♥ Mirror behind the bed – enough said  ♥  Sleek metal platform bed gives a floating illusion  ♥ Hanging pendant vs. table lamp always a sexier choice TipUse over night stands

Pic Monkey-Guestroom


Textured concrete materials evoke strength and confidence (even a bit sneaky, like you stumbled into an old warehouse, ok, that’s just me)   Black leather straps on anything is well, sexy    Various hues of wood grain adds warmth and the guitar is a nod to the cool factor

PicMonkey Ace Suite


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