Let’s talk about trends – interiors and fashion. Do trends start when designers put looks on the runway and slowly the ‘fashionistas and design’ enthusiasts pick up on the ideas? Or are trends born from the artists and risk-taking individuals paving their path?  Whether fashion or interiors; design is design, although the methods of influence and inspiration may vary.  I often see patterns and colors in clothes that inspire me to redesign a room. In fact, if I could  make drapery panels out of my new ‘Free People’ top, I would.  Seriously, this is how I think.

I believe well-designed interiors influence fashion just like fashion influences an environment.  Think about it this way…you are wearing a new ‘hot’ high-fashion jumpsuit (yes, it’s on trend and I like jumpsuits) and you end up at a party with bright lights, oversized floral patterns on sofas, pastel-blush tones of the 80’s and vertical blinds. A bit dramatic – but the point is that you suddenly don’t feel so hot do you? Now place yourself in a sleek, modern, dimly lit hotel lobby with low profile, cool furniture, all illuminated by candles. Are you feeling hot yet?  Exactly! And by the way, this works the other way too.  That cool lobby doesn’t deserve you to show up in a pastel dress from the 80’s either.

~ xo Paula

Pic Monkey-marsala
Photo source: Turning Point and E. Coast Creative Blog
PicMonkey Shoes Green
Photo source: Alberta Ferretti/Laura Kirar at McGuire chair/Shoecaster shoes
PicMonkey Muted
Dries Van Noten/Knowles and Christou

PicMonkey fringe

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