Industrial and Experiential!  A perfect description for a Tasting Room Project in progress.  With emphasis on ‘IN PROGRESS’.  I love watching the pieces fall into place….like a puzzle except the pieces are not all organized in a box. Rather, you create as you go, find the elements and then craft the work with a team to make it all come together, as you envisioned it all along.  Organized chaos, and I’m addicted.

When you walk into a space and you feel the ‘vibe’ vs. just observing the design elements, that’s experiential.   You are emotionally connected.  You want whatever is being offered up, because they had you at the door….wanting more.  Some would say; industrial is too cold, sterile, not warm enough.  I disagree.  I notice and feel the organic way the natural elements all seamlessly weave together. Raw and unrefined.  Like life….scratches and bruises here and there; adding character along the way.

When we complete this space, well-known musicians will create flavor in this room, strategize about how to bring it to market, do a tasting or two, toast the process and then watch it come to life.  How cool.  Stay tuned…..

xo Paula

1 thought on “Design Project – In Progress”

  1. Hi Paula! Really adore your work and your philosophy of doing what you love. I’m following my own instincts and trying to combine my love of interior decorating & art to create a rewarding career in the 2nd half of my life.
    Your post with the industrial stairs reminds me so much of my younger sons on campus apartment at Dickinson college in P.A. The school redesigned an old tire warehouse into townhouse style living spaces using these stairs and Oriented strand board for walls, cabinets, and flooring. Honestly, it was the coolest campus housing I’ve ever seen. It was exactly as you described in this post… raw and undefined.

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