When my Laguna Beach Client (now good friends) contacted me last year to discuss their new home at Top of the World, I couldn’t wait to see their view.  It didn’t disappoint, and it may just be the best of all views, as it sit’s dead center over looking the canyon and the beautiful Ocean…pretty stunning.  The house was beautiful yet a bit dated and needed a modern, refreshed touch.  Immediately, I felt an all white kitchen with charcoal grays, monochromatic tones and textures would boost the overall feel of the home.  They desired a ‘coastal vibe’ minus the seashells.  Let’s not get coastal confused with cheapy-beachy. Reclaimed organic textures were added in an off-set mantel (my favorite element) on a charcoal gray floor to ceiling tiled wall.   They were unsure and pushed back a tad on the whole off-set mantel idea, but I convinced them it would be their favorite element.  And it is.  They selected the accent color they wanted to integrate—it was a tangerine melon-orange we decided….and then we mixed various shades with a variety of neutrals.  Deep accents and heavy rustic elements help anchor the space which is open and airy.  While most of these pics were during an event at night so it’s showing it’s more coastal dreamy personality.

xo Paula




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