Wanderlust, carefree, hippie-chic and modern gypsy are just some of the words that can describe a Bohemian Lifestyle.  When I think of this in terms of home design, I picture wearing a free people flowing dress walking through layers of patterns and texture, shaggy rugs, color and white and a multitude of anything that makes a space feel personal and reflective of the people that inhabit it.  I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work with this creative ‘musician’ family client —who brought out the best in my creativity.   Bohemian perfectly describes their laid back, easy going lifestyle.  Even while on tour and traveling the country, I would imagine things to be just about the same…they seem to always have ‘life’ in perspective.  Ever notice that people with true Boho Style don’t sweat the small stuff?  Think about it….easy breezy.  With a style all their own, it was easy to catch the ‘vibe’ and bring their visions to life.  Each and every corner of their home tells a story; their story.  Unassuming, unpretentious, simply inviting and just plain, ‘kick your feet up’ comfortable. The key to creating this space at home is to not overthink anything.  Just do what you feel and make a place for all things you love.  The rest will come together. That’s what makes a house a home and imperfectly perfect.

xo Paula

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